About Us.

The Grae Matta Foundation is a non profit organisation dedicated to improving mental health in higher education and the workplace.
Our goal is to introduce mental health policy into industry and to build, test and challenge viable mental health initiatives.

Continuously building on the great achievements around mental health awareness, the Foundation always look to share and makes its learning accessible so it can be used by all to keep the conversation moving forward.
Advisory Services
Introducing Mental Health Policy to Industry
Workshops for all to gain knowledge on how to support their colleagues and peers in regard to mental health.
Improving Access to Mental Health services in Higher Education
Developing a standard with the British Standards Institution to improve access to mental health care services in higher education.
Think Tank
Sustainable Mental Health Financing
We’re researching different methods of financing mental health initiatives in higher education.
Mental Health in the Gig Economy
Exploring mental health in a new industry is still finding its feet in regards to regulation. What does this mean for the people on the ground?
Social Media and Mental Health, Good / Bad / Other?
Social Media is used by over ⅓ of the global population, and all content is very subjective. What does this mean for users?

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